Alex Lang
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Real Name

Alexander Lang


Alex Luthor






Teen Titans


Lex Luthor - Father

Lana Lang - Mother




Anything that can kill a human


No information

The son of Lex Luthor.


Alex's personality is heavily based on Lex Luthor's personality in the first two seasons of Smallville as he is noble and good and has a friendship with Superboy, but he also can get obsessed easily.


Alex has no super powers other than inheriting his father's intelligence.


Alex is vulnerable to anything that can harm or kill a human.


Justice EvolutionEdit

Tabula RasaEdit

JL 204 228

Alex meets Amazo.

While Alex was visiting Metropolis, he called his mom and tried to calm her down when a dog they were watching peed in her shoes during a black out when Amazo arrived and picked him up, confusing him for Luthor. Once Amazo realized that Alex wasn't Lex, he flew off again, and Alex told his mother that he was coming back to Smallville.


JL 204 228

Alex Luthor before he gets what's coming to him.

The illegitimate but recognized son of Lex Luthor. Alex shares his father's disdain for Superman and called Conner Kent, the known son of Superman, a freak and made fun of his fear of heights before dropping him onto the ground. This earned him a punch in the face by Lois Lane. He then claimed assault even though it was provoked and managed to get Lois arrested.

Alex then talked to one of his friends about what he did until he heard a sneeze and ran off.

Alex was then brought up to the Titans by an angry Conner, now called Superboy, and tried to stick to his story until Robin pointed out that Superboy was already angry enough at Alex. Alex then confessed to provoking Lois and promised to tell the police before going back on his word, when he then learned that Cyborg had recorded what Alex had just said.