Superboy as a teenager.

Disney's Bambi and Bambi II with Teen Titans, and other DC, characters.

The CastEdit

Superman The Batman2

Superman talks to Batman.


Superman X/Superboy/Conner Kent as Bambi

Flash/Kid Flash/Wally West as Thumper

Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson as Flower

Raven as Feline

Jinx as Thumper's mate

Starfire as Robin's mate

Lois as Bambi's mother

Superman/Clark Kent as The Great Prince

Batman as Friend Owl

Flash/Barry Allen as Thumper's father

Iris West-Allen as Thumber's mother

Darkseid as Man

Conner IIEdit

Lana Lang as Mena

Beast Boy as the porcupine


Instead of a forest, this takes place in Metropolis and Gotham.

Also, Kid Flash is raised by his aunt and uncle instead of his parents.

Instead of man being the main threat, Darkseid is.

Also, as Robin isn't a skunk, he doesn't do hibernation.

Also, the other two mates of the three friends are given more emphasis in the story.

Finally, while there isn't one in the film, Superboy and Superman have a confrontation with Darkseid.

In Conner II, instead of going to see the groundhog, the kids go to see Green Lantern.

Also, the porcupine character is a young boy made into a friend instead of being a grumpy old man.


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Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


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