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Superboy as a teenager.

Superman X/Superboy/Conner Kent - A new born baby with Superman's hair and Lois' eyes. Conner then giggled when Lois tickled his chin. Conner then met Flash, Iris, and Kid Flash. He giggled at Kid Flash and cooed at Batman. Conner then held on tightly to Batman's finger. He then let go and burped. Conner then went back to sleep. When Conner was two he had almost mastered walking and was already super strong. He was also very friendly as he waved and giggled at everyone who said good-morning to him. While playing with Kid Flash, he tripped over a log and managed to get back up before falling on Kid Flash. Conner then saw a bird and tried to say bird. After that, he learned what a butterfly was along with a flower and learned to say both those words, in addition to "pretty". He then met Robin and learned how to say his name. He then met Batman again and went with Lois for lunch. When it began raining, Conner liked it at first until it started to thunder and lightning, so Conner hid and was comforted by Lois. Following that, he saw Superman flying through a rainbow and hoped to be like him someday. By the time he was five, Superboy was old enough to visit Metro Park. He had already developed his super speed, and when he ran off, Lois told him to stop and explained that it was dangerous to run out into the park like that because of Darkseid. He then learned that he might meet more heroes at the park. There, he ran into Kid Flash, Flash, and Iris and had some of the food. As he explored the pond, he met a girl in a white outfit named Raven. Superboy then rushed behind his mother until she encouraged him to say hello to Raven. Superboy then ended up accidentally backing into a pond and got kissed by Raven. They then began chasing each other until they became captivated by the Justice Leaguers sparring. He was then lifted up by Raven's powers until Superman arrived. Superboy then asked why everyone stopped when Superman arrived and learned that he was the leader of the League. When Superman suddenly declared that Apokolips was attacking, Superboy ended up separated from Lois in the panic and was flown back to her by Superman. Lois then rushed Superboy back to their apartment and after a few moments, Lois assured Superboy that it was alright. Superboy then asked why everyone was so afraid and learned from Lois that Darkseid had returned. By the time Superboy was eight, he was still very energetic, and when winter occured, he was eager to enjoy it when he met Kid Flash, who tried to teach him how to skate, but he just fell over a lot until the two ran into a snow hill. They then repeated it with Robin when he showed up. After Christmas and New Years, Superboy began to get sick of winter as usual. In late January, Lois suggested going to a bistro for lunch which Superboy eagerly agreed to. Superboy then saw a dark figure appear after a loud boom and was told to run home by Lois, which he did. When Superboy didn't see Lois arriving, he went out looking for her and calling out her name when he ran into Superman, who explained that his mother couldn't be with him anymore and took Superboy under his wing. Eight years after his mother's death, Superboy had fully blossomed as a hero and visited Batman in Gotham. Superboy was then reunited with Kid Flash after several years as well as Robin. Superboy then asked why two bats were flying around and acting so weird. Superboy and the others then learned about being twitterpated from Batman, and Superboy determined that it wouldn't happen to him as it sounded terrible. Superboy later noticed Robin leaving the group to talk to an alien girl with orange skin and red hair. Superboy then lost Kid Flash to a white-skinned girl with pink hair. Superboy then ran into Raven at the pier. Seeing Raven caused Superboy to apparently loose the ability to form words. Superboy didn't calm down until Raven kissed his cheek. Superboy then felt like he was floating in the air. Suddenly, he was confronted by Red X, who tried to take Raven for his own. After a semi-rough start, Superboy easily over-powered Red X and tossed him into the bay. After making sure Raven was okay, she and Superboy kissed. They then began to fly around together. They then played in Metro Park for a bit before falling asleep together in Superboy's apartment. Three years after getting together with Raven, Superboy changed his hero name to Superman X and married Raven. A furhter year after this, Conner picked up a loud sound on his super hearing and put his hero outfit on. At Metro Park, Superman X got his first full view of Darkseid. Before going with Superman to relocate the civilians into the forest, Superman X rushed off to his and Raven's apartment to warn her. When he arrived and Raven wasn't at the apartment, Superman X flew off looking for her. Eventually, Superman X found Raven being attacked by Parademons and attacked them with later help from Flash and Nightwing. After this, Superman X left to meet up with Superman. Suddenly, Darkseid's Omega Beam caught his shoulder, and Superman X was unable to get up until Superman coaxed him into it. They then flew to Metro Park where Darkseid was waiting. Conner swore that Darkseid would pay. When he fired his Omega Beam again, Superman X caught the blast in his bare hands and shoved it back into Darkseid's face, ending Darkseid and causing a huge explosion. Superman X and Superman both managed to survive, and Superman X reunited with Raven, and the two kissed. Superman X then suggested getting to work on rebuilding Metropolis. A year later, Conner and Raven had twin children, a boy named Kyle and a girl named Kara. After their birth, Conner said a qucik good-bye to Superman before flying into the Tower and looking at his children. Kyle grabbed his finger and called him to bend over while Kara grabbed the other one, and he gently told them to calm down.

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Kid Flash as a teenager.

Flash/Kid Flash/Wally West - The three-year-old nephew/side-kick of the Flash. Kid Flash rushed in with Flash to explain that Lois and Superman's son was born. Kid Flash then called Conner puny when he first saw him. He then apologized when his aunt Iris scolded him. Kid Flash then said hello to Conner when he first woke up and promised to play loads of games with him until Flash pointed out that Conner had just learned how to open his eyes. Kid Flash then complimented on Conner's burp until Iris shouted him. Kid Flash then asked what Conner's name was, which he learned was Conner before he left. When he was five, Kid Flash met up with Conner again and became a friend of his. Kid Flash then taught Superboy how to hop, which didn't go off too well in practice. Kid Flash then taught Superboy how to say "bird", "butterfly", and "flower". Kid Flash then met Robin, Batman's new sidekick. When Kid Flash was eight, he had a picnic at Metro Park with his aunt and uncle and invited Superboy to have some. He discouraged eating the vegetables until Iris scolded him about needing to eat vegetables. Kid Flash then witnessed his uncle and the other Leaguers sparring against each other and suggested that they do that too. He originally wanted to have Robin spar with a new friend named Raven until Superman declared that Apokolips was attacking, so he evacuated with his aunt Iris. When he was eleven, Kid Flash went out in winter and attempted to teach Superboy how to ski, which instead turned into the two boys sliding around, which Kid Flash thought was fun too. He then invited Robin to join in the fun. Eight years later, Kid Flash continued his crime fighting career and after several years reunited with Superboy. Kid Flash then asked why two bats were flying around the Batcave together and learned about being twitterpated from Batman. Kid Flash called it awful and determined it wouldn't happen to him. He then went off with his friends. When Robin left them for an alien girl with orange skin, Kid Flash disgustedly blamed being twitterpated. Kid Flash latter ran into a girl named Jinx who said hello to him. Kid Flash then gulped and got so excited, he tapped his foot up and down before Jinx kissed him on the cheek, and he calmed down. Kid Flash and Jinx then sat down and talked to each other as Superboy continued on. Three years after meeting Jinx, Wally took up his uncle's role as the Flash and married Jinx. Flash was part of the League that attacked Darkseid's first wave, but they retreated once Darkseid arrived. After that, Flash rushed to Superman X and helped him, Nightwing, and Raven beat back several Parademons attacking them. Flash then told Superman X they'd catch him later after they took Raven to the safe area for Superman X. After the explosion, Flash worried about Superman X and hoped he made it. When Superman X arrived and kissed Raven, Flash called out a yeah before submiting to Aunt Iris' scolds. A year later, Flash had made his and Jinx's son, Jai, the new Kid Flash, and he told Batman about Superman X and Raven having twins.

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Robin as a teenager.

Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson - Batman's new sidekick and adopted son following the death of his parents in the circus. Soon afterwords, Robin met Superboy and Kid Flash and became friends with them. Robin later arrived at Metro Park when he was seven and saw the heroes training. Robin then refused to spar with Raven as he did so before and got beaten up by her. When Darkseid attacked, Robin left with Arella and Raven on Batman's orders. When he was ten, Robin returned to Metropolis again as Superman was helping Batman with a case. He then joined Kid Flash and Superboy in sliding around the lake. Eight years later, Robin went through a stylistic change and reunited with Superboy after several years. Robin later questioned Batman what being twitterpated was and agreed with his friends that it sounded awful. Robin then determined that it wouldn't happen to him, and he walked out with his friends. Later, he ran into an alien girl with orange skin and red hair, and the two shyly approached each other. When Starfire and Robin accidentally kiss, Robin passes out. Robin then hangs out with Starfire instead of Kid Flash and Superboy. Three years after meeting Starfire, Robin retired his hero identity and took up a new one, Nightwing and married Starfire. Nightwing was part of the League that attacked Darkseid's first wave but retreated once Darkseid arrived. Later, Nightwing helped Superman X, Flash, and Raven destroy several attacking Parademons. Nightwing then offered to take Raven to the safe point with Flash while Superman X rendezvoued with Superman. After a large explosion in Metropolis, Nightwing claimed that Superman and Superman X were heroes for stopping Darkseid, whether they survived or not. After it was revealed that they were both okay, Nightwing and Starfire hugged. A year later, Nightwing made his and Starfire's daughter, Mary, his sidekick, Nightstar. He, Starfire, and Nightstar then explained to Batman that Superman X and Raven had twins.

Lois Lane (The Batman)

Lois when she's not busy with Conner.

Lois Lane-Kent - The wife of Superman for two years. She recently gave birth to a little boy named Conner. As the Justice League and their respective side-kicks appeared, Lois got Conner to wake up and introduced him to everybody. She then asked Conner to let go of Batman's finger when he grabbed it. As he yawned and went to sleep, Lois promised that she'd always be there for Conner. While walking to the Metro Tower to meet up with Flash and Iris for lunch, Lois said hello to several passing Leaguers and encourages Conner to stand up again after he fell down. After Superboy learned a few new words and met Batman's new ward, Robin, Lois called Superboy to her, and after they went home, Lois comforted Superboy when a big storm occurred. When Conner was five, Lois took him to Metro Park and told him to never run out there as the villain Darkseid was still at large. She then confirmed that there were more heroes than just the Justice League members and that Conner might might them. Lois then talked to a friend named Arella and introduced Conner to Arella's daughter, Raven. She then convinced Conner to greet her. After Superman arrived, Lois explained to Conner why Superman was the leader of the Justice League. When Darkseid attacked, Lois ended up separated from Conner in the hassle and was picked up by Superman, who had also picked up Superboy. Lois then took Conner to the apartment and sighed. She then encouraged Conner to come out once the trouble had paced and explained to Conner that Darkseid had returned. When Conner was eight and winter rolled around, Lois made sure to keep him bundled up. When Conner asked why winter was so long, Lois answered that it only seemed long. In late January, Lois took Conner to a bistro for lunch when she heard a nearby boom and saw a dark figure approaching. Realizing that it was Darkseid, Lois ordered Conner to run home, but she was disintegrated by Darkseid's Omega Beam before she could follow. Her ashes were later discovered by Superman.

Conner IIEdit

Superman The Batman2

Superman talks to Batman.

Superman/Clark Kent - After Lois was killed, Superman looked at the ashes that were once her. He then went to Superboy and explained that Lois was gone. He then took him to his apartment in Metropolis to stay there for the night. When Batman arrived to offer his condolences, Superman asked Batman to find Lana Lang to raise Superboy as she was the only other woman he could trust to raise him. He was also reluctant to raise Superboy himself as he would then be obligated to take him all over the world and didn't believe that would be a proper way to raise Conner. He then agreed to look after Conner until spring, which would make it easier for Batman to look for Lana. Superman then changed back into Clark and went to sleep. Clark woke up the next morning and let Conner sleep in since he'd just lost his mother. When Superboy finally awoke, Superman explained that they had to awake before the city did and explained that if Superboy slept late again, he'd have to leave him behind. Superman then gave Superboy a granola bar for a quick breakfast and patrolled Metropolis. He then explained to Superboy that heroes shouldn't "whoo-hoo" as they had to maintain control and show strength and dignity. During the patrol, Superman simply floated over obstacles Superboy tripped or skipped through. While observing Metro Park, Superman explained to Superboy that they had to look from a distance to spot danger easier and when Superboy began talking about Lois, Superman requested that Superboy leave the past in the past as a hero couldn't look back, only forward. When Superboy ended up talking to his friend Kid Flash, Superman called for Superboy again, but when he saw Superboy struggling up the steep climb, Superman figured that he might benefit from relaxation and had Superboy go with his friends to see Green Lantern while he checked on Smallville. When Superman arrived at the Tower and couldn't find Superboy, he heard the sound of Parademons and rushed off to find Superboy frozen with fear at Metro Park as the Parademons advanced on him. Superman called for Superboy to run, and when he didn't, Superboy fought off the Parademons when he saw the glow of Darkseid's eyes and shoved Superboy forward. Once they were safe, Superman explained angrily that the voice of Lois that Superboy had heard was one of Darkseid's tricks. Superman, out of fear for Conner's safety, ordered Superboy to run when he said run and to never freeze up like he did back there. Superman then calmed down and guided Superboy home. Superman then admitted to Superboy that Lois wasn't coming back. As Superboy slept, Superman flew to Batman and asked for him to start looking for Lana. A few days later, as Superman prepared to go on patrol, Superman ordered Superboy to stay near the apartment where it was safe. After his patrol, Superman saw Superboy with Kid Flash on the other end of a long jump, but before he could reprimand Superboy, he became impressed with how Superboy made the jump when Superman hadn't been able to do that until he was twice Superboy's age. He then had Superboy come home with him. Superman then gave Superboy permission to leave the den as long as he promised never to go into Metro Park without him. After patrolling Smallville, Superman smiled at Superboy's eagerness. Superman then learned from Batman that he had several leads to where Lana was and he assured Batman that he hadn't changed his mind. After smiling at Superboy for a quick second, he flew up into the sky. When Superboy asked what he was doing, Superman explained he was observing and went on to say that observing involved looking, and feeling all at the same time for dangers. Superman then coached Superboy as he tried it by observing that children were playing with their parents in Metro Park. Superman then explained that while he'd be afraid if he went to face danger, he couldn't let fear stop him from acting. He then took Superboy on a second patrol of the city. During patrol, as Superboy tried to get up the long, steep hillside, Superman gave him some support. In the Metro Tower gym, Superman did a small sparring match with Superboy. He also observed Superboy's kindness and desire to help anyone in trouble when he saved a lady bug trapped in a spider's web. After mastering observing, Superboy asked Superman when he'd be able to fly, and Superman assured him that it would be any day now if he was anything like him. The two then had a friendly race in Metro Park. While relaxing in Smallville, Clark joined Conner in pouncing on several grasshoppers. Superman then gave Superboy a ride on the way back to Metropolis after some more fun. After spending some time getting Conner to sleep, Clark dreamed of the day if Lois had been alive and involved. A few days later, Superman made the mistake of letting Conner eat cookies before bed and barely slept, but he did compliment Conner and telling when a beehive was close to him, and Superman then got into a play fight with Superboy when Batman arrived. Superman then admitted that he had wanted to see Batman and ended up butted in the stomach by Superboy. When Lana arrived, Superman tried to tell Superboy to wait at the apartment. Unfortunately, Superboy found out that Lana was there to take him to Smallville to raise him instead of Superboy, and when Superman tried to explain, he ended up in an argument with Superboy that ended with Superboy running off. Superman then admitted that this was his fault as he hadn't told Batman to stop after becoming more fatherly as well as still believing he isn't cut out to raise Conner, flying off solemnly. That evening, Superman took Conner to Lana, and Superman promised to come visit Conner soon and told Conner to never forget that he was a hero. Superman then hugged Conner good-bye and walked off. Soon afterwords, Superman heard a boom and went to find Lana in an energy cage that he saved her from and then learned that Superboy had distracted a heard of Parademons from attacking Lana, so he flew in the direction of the Parademons' noises. Superman then saw Superboy outwit the Parademons and landed on the ledge of a mountain Superboy was on. Superman then saw as Superboy jumped over to him and ended up falling when the ledge crumbled. Superman saw Conner's lifeless body on the ground and tried to order him to wake up, but broke down when he accepted that his only son was gone. When Superman heard Superboy groan, Superman comforted Superboy and took him home. A few days later, Superman took Superboy to the top of the Smallville water tower where the sun shown, and they could see Metropolis. Superman then explained that this was where he met Lois and explained that he was about Conner's age, commenting that he was a lot like Conner.

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Raven looks at Superboy.

Raven - Raven and her mother arrived just as Green Lantern began to explain how he became a Green Lantern. Raven then said hi to Superboy again and offered her condolences for his deceased mother. After Green Lantern's story, Red X popped out and introduced himself to everybody. When he told how he bested a Parademon, Raven subtly called it unbelievable, but the remark was lost on Red X. When Red X's mother called just as he was about to pick a fight with Superboy, Raven remarked that he should get going. Raven later asked if Superboy would like her and Arella to take him home, but Superboy stated that his dad would come for him. While reluctantly listening to Red X go on and on about himself, Raven heard Superboy's voice and rushed off to see that he was okay. Raven then asked if Superboy was okay, which he assured her he was. When Red X arrived and began making fun of Superboy, Raven shouted for Red X to leave him alone. Raven then asserted that she was staying here with her friends, and when Red X tried to say otherwise, Superboy pulled Raven away from Red X. When Red X started chasing Superboy and Kid Flash, Raven called for Superboy to run. Raven later learned that Superboy had to leave for Smallville with Lana. Raven then voiced her belief that they'd see each other again one day. A few days later, after a fight with Parademons, Raven heard the story from Kid Flash. Raven then confronted Kid Flash when he talked about hanging out with a girl. Raven later commented that she bet it felt like a thousand Parademons, and they accidentally ended up kissing thanks to Beast Boy. When Kid Flash grumbled about Superboy not spending as much time with them, Raven commented that it was wonderful.


Conner IIEdit

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Red X's mother calls him.

Red X/Jason Todd - Red X is a young boastful boy who's more talk than action. After hearing Green Lantern's story about his first fight with Sinestro, Red X said he'd scare Sinestro when he noticed his audience was leaving. Red X then rushed after Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, and Raven. Red X then introduced himself and attempted to impress Raven and intimidate Superboy by commenting on how he had big shoes to fill and say that he heard a Parademon use a device of Darkseid's to make him sound like someone else, but Red X saw through the ruse and beat him. Red X then got angry at Superboy when he called it unbelievable, but he was stopped from fighting when his mother called for him. Red X then whined to remember not to call for him when he was trying to act tough. Red X later bragged to Raven that he didn't feel any pain, and hurt his arm when he voluntarily smashed it into a tree. When Raven rushed off after hearing Superboy's voice, Red X shouted that he wasn't finished talking about himself yet. Red X then walked to Superboy, Robin, and Kid Flash, and made fun of when Superboy froze at Metro Park. He then suggested leaving the "losers" with Raven, and when Raven refused, Red X grabbed her until Superboy grabbed his wrist and shoved him away into a pile of mud. Red X got angry and chased him and Kid Flash until Superboy jumped over a five feet hole. When he heard about Superman being impressed by that, Red X believed that anyone could make it and tried to do so, but only ended up landing inside the hole. The next day, Red X showed how quick he was in Metro Park before being outstripped not just by Superman but Superboy too. When Superboy was leaving Metropolis with Lana Lang, Red X showed up and mocked him by mockingly sympathising with the idea of having a father who didn't want him. Superboy then lost it and got into a fight with Red X, which Red X lost, and when Lana was captured in an energy cage and a Boom Tube opened, Red X ran off, screaming for his mother. A few days later, Red X confronted Superboy again and gloated about meeting again to fight, but he ran away screaming for his mother when a turtle bit his finger.