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Raven in her new outfit.

Disney's Cinderella with Teen Titans characters.

The CastEdit

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Blackfire after her make-over.

Raven WayneEdit

Raven as Cinderella

Robin as Jaque

Beast Boy as Gus

Starfire as Mary

Shayera as the Fairy Godmother

Pamela Isley as Lady Tremaine

Kitten as Drizella

Blackfire as Anastasia

Clark and Lois as the king

Lana as Prudence

Wally as the Grand Duke

Mel as Bruno

Scat as Lucifer

Raven Wayne II: Dreams Come TrueEdit

Kara, Barbara, and Jinx as Beatrice and Daphne Oddball as himself

Pom-Pom as herself


Characters dialogue is added to the story to make it more interesting.

Bruno's character is changed from a boy dog to a girl dog.

Also, in the fic, Blackfire mentions how the mouse in her cup was green, which gets Raven out of trouble.

The character of the king is split into two part with Clark as a calm person, and Lois as the more impatient one.

Raven mentions that the updates to her dress were originally designed by her father for her cotillion.

In Raven Wayne II, Mel has a family with Krypto to make a family of puppies, the most prominent one being Oddball.

Mel is also given more prominence than Bruno in the sequel story.

Raven's ladies in waiting are completely split into three ladies.


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