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Raven WayneEdit

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Raven keeping her spirits up.

Raven - Raven is the daughter of a wealthy gentleman named Bruce. Her mother died when she was born. When her father married again, she greeted her new step-mother and step-sisters before going with Bruce to feed their horse, Phillip. When Raven's father died, Raven cried and shouted at Kitten for being so cold about his death. When Pamela began ordering Raven around, she accused Pamela of tricking Bruce into marrying her, which earned her a slap. Raven was eventually forced into being a servant in her own home, but she managed to remain gentle and kind by holding onto the hope that her dreams would come true. Over the years, Raven made friends with the birds and the mice that inhabited the area around the chateau. Raven also explained to them that she held true to her dreams. One day, after Raven had gotten ready for the day, she learned from her friends, Robin and Victor, that a new mouse was caught in a trap. Raven then opened the trap and had Robin bring him out. She then named the new mouse Garfield, Gar for short. Raven then took Pamela's cat, Scat, and took him down stairs for breakfast. She then chastised her dog Mel for having a dream of chasing cats since if he acted on it, he'd be kicked out. She then advised Mel to learn to like cats but failed to think of a good reason why she should. When Mel was tricked by Scat into growing at him, Raven took Mel outside and angrily gave Scat his cream. Raven then went out to the yard and announced that it was breakfast time and for everyone to get up. When a chicken was trying to take a piece of corn from Gar, Raven shooed the chicken away and gave Gar a nice large helping of corn. After feeding the chickens, Raven got the breakfast trays ready, particularly after Blackfire starting ringing for her breakfast. She still maintained her patience, even when Kitten joined her sister in calling for Raven. Raven finally began losing her temper when Kitten shouted for her again. Once she'd finished getting the trays ready, which included tea cups and a large tea pot, she headed up. While she was going up, Raven's shoe fell off, as she was wearing an old pair of Kitten's. Raven then asked if Kitten had slept well and ended up with a load of laundry to have ready in an hour. Raven then greeted Blackfire as she gave Blackfire her tray. She then ended up with another load of laundry. Raven then greeted Pamela, who calmly told her to do her laundry as well. When Blackfire shouted, Raven asked what was wrong, and Blackfire simply rushed to her mother's room to explain that a mouse had been in her tea cup. When Raven heard this, she confronted Scat and asked where Gar was. When Scat proved relatively difficult, she roughly shook him until he opened his left hind paw to reveal a fine but shaken Gar. She sighed when Gar made it safely away, and when Pamela called her, Raven was resigned to what was about to happen. Raven tried to defend herself that she didn't know a mouse was in Blackfire's tea cup until Pamela snapped for her to be quiet. Pamela then added several chores to Raven's already heavy list, including cleaning the tapestries and the draperies, which Raven had already done. Raven stood there accepting the additional chores, including giving Scat his bath. At that moment, Blackfire burst in laughing at how she wouldn't put a green mouse in her tea cup anymore. Raven then used the opportunity to get out of doing the already done tapestries and drapes. Raven was still resigned to do the other chores as she'd probably end up doing those anyway. As she cleaned the stairs that day, Raven sang the song Pamela was having the girls practice in perfect pitch and key until Scat messed up the floor just after she cleaned it. As she was about to swat Scat with a broom, a man came with a message from the palace. Raven then figured on interupted her step-sisters' music lesson to give it to Pamela. At the music room, Raven quickly handed Pamela the envelope. When it was revealed that there would be a ball that night in honor of Prince Conner, Raven got excited and figured she could go too since she was part of the family and it said that every eligible maiden had to attend. She was allowed to go as long as she found a decent dress and finished all her chores, and she left excitedly. At her room, Raven pulled out a white gown that had belonged to her mother, citing she'd fix the fashion differences, referencing a design her father had made for her cotillion. The designs included shortening the sleeves, getting a sash, and adding something for the collar. Unfortunately, Blackfire, Kitten, and Pamela continually pile chores onto Raven, making her unable to work on the dress. When the carriage arrived, Raven told Pamela that the carriage arrived and said she wasn't going to the ball. In her room, Raven failed to dismiss the ball when the mice showed Raven the dress they had made. Raven gratefully thanked the mice for her help. Raven barely managed to put on the gown and arrive in time to catch Pamela, Blackfire, and Kitten. Eventually, Pamela pointed out to Blackfire and Kitten how parts of the gown seemed to come from them, and the two proceeded to tear the dress to shreds. After they left, Raven couldn't handle it and ran out into the fountain she used to feed Phillip at as she cried, claiming she can't dream anymore when a winged woman appeared. The woman called herself Shayera, and she got confused when Shayera said she was going to the ball. When Shayera began looking for her wand, Raven realized that Shayera was her fairy god mother. Raven then got confused when Shayera said all Raven needed was a pumpkin, the mice, Phillip, and Mel, before she turned them into a coach, four horses, a coachman, and the vallet. Eventually, Raven had to remind Shayera that she needed a new dress. Shayera then put Raven in an elogant white gown with a white cloak as well for warmth, as well as glass slippers. Raven then thanked Shayera, calling it a dream come true as Shayera explained that at midnight, the spell would be broken, and she'd turn back to normal. Raven accepted this and thanked Shayera again as she headed off. Raven entered the palace nervously and looked around when she unknowingly met Prince Conner. The two began talking and ended up dancing to a waltz. As they walked around, Raven realized she was falling in love. As they sat near the palace, Raven heard the clock ringing midnight, and she realized she had to leave. She rushed past Conner and Wally as fast as she could, losing a shoe in the process. Eventually, she made it into the carriage just as the final few bongs of midnight occurred, and they were a little ways onto the road when everything returned to normal. Raven apologized to everyone when they all pointed out that she still had her remaining glass slipper, and she took it off and thanked Shayera for a third time.

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Robin shows Gar Scat.

Robin - A mouse friend of Raven's. He wears a red t-shirt with green sleeves and green pants. While waiting outside Raven's room while she changed, Robin and his friend Victor saw a green mouse trapped in a trap and rushed in to tell Raven. Robin was then chosen to bring the green mouse, named Gar, around. He then explained to Gar that they liked him and that Raven liked him to. Robin then explained Scat to Gar, but Gar failed to understand, so he took Robin to see Scat and had to repeat what he said when Gar tried to pick a fight with him. Robin later led the mice to the kitchen where Scat was blocking their way to the door, having to pull Gar to the mouse hole by his shirt. Robin then voiced a plan to have one of the mice get Scat to chase him to the corner of the room with a broom and keep him there while the others got breakfast. Robin then decided who did it by having everyone curl their tails together and picking one at random, which turned out to be his own tail. Robin then waved a feeble good-bye to his friends before getting Scat's attention by kicking his elbow, so that he fell into his cream, and Scat then chased Robin to the corner as Robin made it safely to the whole and gave his friends the thumbs up. When Robin saw Victor come back, he took off his yellow jacket and waved it out of a hole to get Scat's attention again, which worked. When Gar made a large noise by dropping his corn kernals, Robin tried to get Scat's attention again, but it failed. He then tried to pull Scat back but only got some fur and a whisker. Robin then hid his eyes until Gar ran off, and Robin then used his legs to push a broom on Scat's head to give Gar some time. When Gar disappeared, Robin assumed that he had gotten away and headed back home. When Gar returned after accidently causing an incident that landed Raven several chores, Robin assured Beast Boy that Pamela would probably have had Raven do them anyway. When Raven was given a message from the palace, Robin got excited as that never happened. Robin then followed Raven to the music room and learned about the ball, scoffing at Kitten and Blackfire's vanity. They then left to help Raven get ready for the ball when Pamela promised to let her go if she found a dress. In Raven's room, Robin liked Raven's designs for updating her mother's old dress for the ball. When Raven had to leave to tend to Blackfire, Kitten, and Pamela, Robin groaned at how everytime Raven could relax, her step-family called for her. Robin also voiced at how he believed Raven wouldn't be able to go to the ball as she'd be kept too busy to finish her dress. When Starfire suggested making the dress themselves, Robin agreed and thought he could sew before Starfire had him get some trimmings for the dress. Robin then led Gar through the familiar maze of mice passages to where Kitten and Blackfire tossed laundry at Raven before tossing down a sash and a bead necklace dejectedly. Robin also informed Gar that their additions to the dress were a surprise. Robin and Gar then both grabbed the fabric and moved it to the hole, stopping Gar from attacking Scat. When Scat attacked them anyway, Robin and Gar quickly rushed to the mouse hole and pulled the sash in before Scat could get it. When Robin pointed out the beads to Gar, he got excited, and Scat sat on them. Thinking quickly, Robin went to a corset Robin wore and began cutting off the buttons of a corset and setting them down while Scat watched confusedly. Scat then went after Robin, pulling the beads with him. When Scat made to attack Robin, he used one button to flick another to hit Scat in the nose. When Scat let the beads go and pounced on Robin, but Robin hid in a pile of clothes before sneaking on top of Scat. After the beads got disconnected, Robin led Scat through a shirt sleeve, trapping him, as Robin helped Gar collect the beads and quickly escape Scat. Robin then shared a chuckle with Gar as Blackfire scolded Scat for getting into her nightgown. The two then brought the items to Starfire and the others. Robin then cheered for making the dress, declaring Raven would go to the ball tonight.Robin helped Gar and Victor to measure out the fabric and cut it. When Raven went to her room that night and her dress was shown, Robin corrected Gar on calling it Raven's birthday. Robin was with the mice as they watched Raven come down in her dress and witnessed Blackfire and Kitten tear it to pieces. During this time, Robin had to hold Gar back as he was so angry. They then watched Raven cry at a fountain when a woman named Shayera appeared. To help Raven get to the ball, Robin was turned into a horse until midnight to help draw a carriage made from a pumpkin. Just as midnight occurred, Raven arrived and had everyone rush off, and only a short time later, they all turned back to normal. As Raven talked about dancing with someone, Robin pointed out to Raven that she still had one of her glass slippers which caused Raven to smile even more.

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Gar calls Scat a stupid cat.

Gar/Garfield - A green mouse. When he ended up caught in a trap, he was rescued by Raven and Robin. After a talk with Robin, the mouse trusted Raven. Not liking the name, Garfield, Raven shortened it to Gar. Gar was then given a purple shirt and black jeans. Gar then learned about Scat, but he didn't quite understand. When Robin showed Gar Scat, he tried to pick a fight with Gar before Robin pulled him back and explained things to him again. Gar then headed down for breakfast as he hadn't eaten in a while. When it turned out that Scat was guarding the door, Gar agreed with Robin's plan to have one of them distract Scat and shook Robin's hand when it turned out to be him. Once Robin had distracted Scat, Gar went off with Victor for breakfast. Unfortunately, most of the chickens ate the corn Raven had provided before Gar could grab some, so Raven shooed the chickens away and gave Gar some extra corn. Gar took it all, and back in the kitchen, when Victor had lost a kernal, Gar tried to take that one too, but it was one too many, and he dropped them. He then tried to pick them up, but dropped them again. Once he figured out how to carry them all, he ran into Scat and was saved from death by Robin and rushed to the table where he hid under a tea cup. Even when Scat found him, he was saved when Raven walked up and got breakfast ready. Unfortunately, Gar ended up in Raven's sister Blackfire's cup, and when she saw him, she screamed and told Pamela as Gar ended up caught by Scat. He was saved again by Raven, but Gar still felt bad when what he did caused Raven to have several more chores to do that day. When Raven was given a message from the palace, Gar got excited because Robin was excited. Gar then followed Raven to the music room and learned about the ball, scoffing at Kitten and Blackfire's vanity. They then left to help Raven get ready for the ball when Pamela promised to let her go if she found a dress. When Raven showed the mice her mother's dress, Gar asked Raven how'd she fix it. Gar also felt sorry for Raven when Robin pointed out that Raven's stepfamily would make her too busy to finish her dress. When Starfire encouraged everyone to work together to make Raven's dress, Gar called out he'd cut it with scissors before Robin took him to get some trimmings for the dress. Gar followed Robin through the maze of mouse holes and witnessed Blackfire and Kitten throwing down a sash and beads affter having Raven do laundry. Gar then learned from Robin that he and Starfire had decided to make the dress a surprise for Raven. Gar then felt the sash as they went to get it when they noticed Scat. Gar wanted to kick Scat in the pants, but Robin talked him out of it. Gar and Robin then took the sash to the hole. When Scat became aware of them anyway, Gar and Robin quickly took the sash into the hole. When Robin pointed out the beads, Gar laughed, which prompted Scat to sit on the beads. Gar then witnessed Robin distract Scat until he left the beads, allowing Gar to take them, but they become disconnected, but Robin was able to help Gar to collect them and escape while Scat was taken by Blackfire to be punished for putting himself through her nightgown. Gar then took the supplies to Starfire and the others. Gar then helped Robin and Victor measure and cut, and nearly cut off Starfire's tail, which earned him a punch. When the dress was finished, Gar cheered for Raven. Once Raven returned, and it was given to her, Gar wished her a happy birthday before Robin corrected Gar. Gar was with the mice as they watched Raven come down in her dress and witnessed Blackfire and Kitten tear it to pieces. During this time, Robin had to hold Gar back as he was so angry. They then watched Raven cry at a fountain when a woman named Shayera appeared. To help Raven get to the ball, Gar was going to be turned into a horse until midnight to help draw a carriage made from a pumpkin, but he rushed away as Scat caught him undr a bowl before Shayera managed to turn him into a horse, making him scare off Scat. Just as midnight occured, Raven arrived and had everyone rush off, and only a short time later, they all turned back to normal.

Raven Wayne II: Dreams Come TrueEdit

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Starfire coos at Oddball.

Starfire - Starfire moved into the palace with the other mice after Raven and Conner got married. Starfire and Robin have become a couple by this point. Four months after Conner and Raven got married, Starfire listened to Raven's story when Shayera told it. She also told Robin and Gar they had missed it when they showed up on Mel's youngest puppy, Oddball. Starfire got excited when Gar came up with the idea of the mice writing another book where they told the stories. She then convinced Robin to do it. When Oddball barked at the idea of a story, Starfire cooed and said hello to Oddball. During Conner and Raven's honeymoon, Starfire dully waited for her and Prince Conner to return, spending her time sowing. When Raven returned, Starfire showed up and greeted her. Starfire agreed to help Raven all she could in the palace before Raven corrected her on where her and Conner's room was. When Raven entered the next day, crying about not being a good princess, Starfire comforted her and offered a handkerchief. Starfire then danced with Robin when Raven began teaching her ladies-in-waiting her own dance. During the royal banquet, the mice had their own party in the rafters.


Raven WayneEdit

Pamela Isley (Batman)

Pamela seduces Bruce.

Pamela - Raven's step mother. Pamela somehow tricked Bruce into marrying her. She has two daughters, Kitten and Blackfire. Pamela acted perfectly friendly to Raven when they first met. When Kitten acted arrogantly, Pamela reminded her about minding her manners while Bruce was around. She also stopped Blackfire from going near the animals with the excuse of her needing to unpack. When Bruce died, Pamela didn't even shed a tear. Instead, she explained to Blackfire what Kitten meant by Bruce being gone and ordered Raven to clean the room up. When Raven accused Pamela of tricking Bruce, Pamela slapped her and ordered her to change clothes, eventually forcing her into being a servant as where they lived fell into disrepair as Pamela used the family fortunes on her own daughters. Pamela usually has Raven bring her breakfast in bed, and she's the most calm one about it, though everytime Raven comes in, her only thanks is a load of laundry. One day, when Blackfire found a mouse in her coffee cup, Pamela called her into her room and snapped at her to be quiet when she tried to defend herself. Pamlea then had her clean the carpet in the main hall, wash the windows and the tapestires and drapes on top of all Raven's other chores. When Pamela learns from Blackfire that the apparent mouse was green, she said that Raven didn't have to do the tapestires and drapes as she'd already done them seeing as her practical joke was Blackfire's foolish imagination. Afterwords, Pamela began her daughters' music lesson, patiently listening to their horrible singing. When the girils began fighting, Pamela reminded them to carry themselves with dignity before shouting at Raven for interupting the lesson and startling her. When Pamela found that there was a letter from the palace, she took it and revealed that there would be a ball in honor of Prince Conner and every eligible maiden had to attend. When Raven insisted on going since she fulfilled the requirements, Pamela agreed if she got all her chores done as well as find a dress. When Raven left, Pamela pointed out to her daughters that she said "If". Almost immediately afterwords, Pamela helped pile Raven down with chores to stop her from being able to make a dress. When the carriage arrived, Pamela coached her daughters about meeting the prince when Raven came down in a dress. Pamela was surprised but pretended to accept it until she subtly pointed out how the beads on Raven's dress were Kitten's, leading to her and Blackfire ripping Raven's dress to shreds. Pamela then calmed the girls down, and they headed off. At the ball, Pamela noticed a girl the prince ended up dancing with and thought she looked familiar, but she was stopped from investigating by the Grand Duke, Wally.

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Kitten calls for Raven.

Kitten - Pamela's daughter and Raven's step-sister. When she was introduced to Raven, she introduced herself grandly before being reminded to mind her manners by Pamela. She then wondered who would go smelly animals when Raven and Bruce, her new step-father, went to feed the horse, Phillip before reminded about her manners again. When Bruce died, Kitten fully dropped her pretense and asked to get rid of the body as it started to stink and told Raven she could say that because Bruce was gone. She then ended up spoiled even more by Pamela through her step-father's family fortune. Kitten had breakfast in bed, and when she wanted it, she shouted down at Raven for it, shouting louder if it wasn't to her after a few seconds. When Raven would give Kitten her breakfast, she'd only respond by giving Raven her laundry, telling her to finish it within one hour. When Blackfire made a fuss about a mouse in her tea cup, Kitten automatically assumed Raven had something to do with it and watched from the keyhole as Pamela talked with Raven, meaning that Raven was given several extra chores all at once. Kitten is the worst singer of the two. When Blackfire accidentally knocked Kitten in the head with a flute when she got her finger stuck, Kitten shouted at Blackfire. Once she learned about a message from the palace talking about a ball for Prince Conner that every eligible maiden in the kingdom had to attend, Kitten was eager to meet the prince, become his wife and then the queen. She then laughed at the idea of Raven going, and when Pamela said Raven could go if she finished her chores and found a dress, Kitten shouted at her mother, assuming she'd lost her mind until Pamela pointed out that she had said "if". Kitten later loaded Raven down with laundry and sowing while she got ready for the ball. After Raven left, Kitten pulled off beads she was wearing, saying she was sick of seeing them and calling them trash. Once Kitten was ready and the coach arrived, they were about to leave until Raven comes down in a dress. Kitten complained until Pamela pointed out the beads on Raven's dress that Kitten recognized as hers, so she pulled them off as she and Blackfire began tearing Raven's dress apart until Pamela calmed her down, and she left for the ball. Kitten was introduced to Prince Conner, resulting in just a yawn, and she marveled at a strange girl the prince ended up dancing with all night.

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Blackfire after her make-over.

Blackfire - Pamela's daughter and Raven's step-sister. When she was introduced to Raven, she introduced herself as well. She was interested in feeding the horse Phillip, but Pamela turned down that idea as they needed to unpack. When Bruce died, Blackfire was confused by Kitten's comment that Bruce was gone until Pamela explained that Kitten meant physically. She then ended up spoiled even more by Pamela through her step-father's family fortune. Blackfire would get breakfast in bed, and she'd call Raven when she wanted it. When Raven gave Blackfire her breakfast, she would give Raven her laundry to be done before the day's over. One day, Raven found a green mouse in her tea cup, screamed and ran to Pamela's room and told her. Blackfire then listened at the keyhole, and once Raven was given several difficult chores as punishment, Blackfire came and gloated how next time Raven would think twice before putting a green mouse in her tea. When Pamela questioned her, Blackfire described how the mouse was green with a shirt and pants before realizing how stupid it sounded and reluctantly agreed that it was probably just her imagination. Blackfire is the better singer between her and her sister, but that's still not saying much. She also shouted at Kitten when she shouted at her until Raven came in with a message about a ball for Prince Conner that every eligible maiden had to attend. Blackfire was excited at the possibility of becoming the prince's wife, then the queen, and then a mother. She also laughs at Raven wehn she suggests that she could go, and Blackfire teases that the prince could hold her broom. When Pamela says Raven can go if she finishes all her chores and finds a dress, Blackfire is shocked until Pamela points out that she said "if". Blackfire later loaded Raven down with laundry and sowing for the ball. Once Raven left, Blackfire shouted that a sash she had was all wrong for her, and she tossed it away, claiming all she got to wear was rags while everyone else got nice things. Blackfire finished by saying she wouldn't be caught dead in it. After leaving, Blackfire returned to the room to find Scat in her nightgown. Blackfire then pulled him out and said she was going to teach Scat a lesson and took him away to spank him. Once Blackfire was ready and the coach arrived, they were about to leave until Raven comes down in a dress. Blackfire complained until Pamela pointed out the beads on Raven's dress that Kitten recognized as hers, so she pulled them off as Blackfire recognized her sash and joined Kitten in tearing Raven's dress apart until Pamela calmed her down, and she left for the ball. Blackfire was introduced to the prince, only resulting in a yawn. When the prince ended up dancing with a mysterious girl all night, Blackfire wondered who she was and guessed she was a friend from high school at best.

Raven Wayne II: Dreams Come TrueEdit

Lana Lang (Superman)4

Lana tells Raven the rules.

Lana - The head of the royal household and a childhood friend of Clark and Lois. Lana was excited when her godson Prince Conner and his wife Raven returned from their honeymoon. Lana then told Clark and Lois that Raven and Conner were back. Clark and Lois then made it Lana's duty to show Raven how to be a princess. Lana then cited that it was because they wanted the job done right the first time. Lana was shocked and dismayed when Clark and Lois said the royal banquet would be Raven's responsibility as it had been hers for years, complaining that Raven won't know the first thing about planning a royal banquet. Lana then met Raven and bowed her head very slightly. Lana then advised letting her take care of the preparations as always, but Lois simply told Lana to show Raven what to do. The next day, Lana went to Raven's room to wake her up when she only ends up waking Mel. Even though Mel was pregnant, Lana objected to Mel sleeping on Raven's bed as it simply wasn't done. Lana then met up with Raven in the kitchen baking and didn't recognize her until Raven said hello. Lana objected to Raven's casual clothes and introduced her to her ladies in waiting, Barbara, Kara, and Jinx. Lana then took a bowl Raven was holding from her and explained that a princess never prepares her own meals. Lana then reiterated that she will teach Raven the rules of being a princess. Lana then pushed Raven out of the kitchen. In Raven's room, Lana explained that Raven had to dress ellogantly... And even more so for the dinner. Lana also scolded Raven for opening the windows as they were never to be opened. In the dining room, Lana corrected Raven on creme instead of ecru color, citing that Raven had so much to learn and so little time to learn it. Lana also showed Raven the menu for the banquet, which included stewed prunes, which she states she learned to like. While teaching Raven how to wave to the populace, Lana pointed out that no commoners were allowed in the palace unless Clark and Lois say so. Lana then taught Raven that she had to dance with poise and grace and corrected her during reviews until she fell over and left for a break. Later that day when Raven and Jinx left, leaving the gates opened, Lana went after them and found the two inviting commoners to the palace. Lana complained that Raven was supposed to be inviting counts, dukes, and the like, and Raven said she was also inviting her friends. Lana stated that it wasn't how things were done, but Raven just said that maybe it was time for something new and had Lana take the book of the nobility's addresses to her room.She then ended up with flour sprayed all over her front when the baker Alex accidentally dropped a thing of dough. When she arrived to see Raven, Jinx, Kara, Barbara, and Wally's cousin Bart dancing to a lively tune, she shrieked that it simply wasn't done. Towards the end of the day when Raven opened the curtains, Lana completely lost it, worrying about what Clark and Lois would say. When Raven said she had to try this her way, Lana said she hoped Raven knew what she was doing. A short while later, Lana walked up to Raven and Conner's room asking what had happened now, with Wally explaining that Mel went into labor, leaving Lana to ask angrily if any of the rules were sacred anymore. At the dance, as the commoners and dukes and duchesses were dancing together, Lana was horrified. When Clark and Lois arrived, Lana expected an explosion and blamed everything on Raven, stating that she wouldn't listen to her. However, Clark and Lois enjoyed all the changes instantly. Lana was shocked at this but began to losen up as she relaxed, even dancing with Wally. She then stated that Raven deserved all the credit and that she was happy to be at Raven's side, becoming friends with Raven.