Main characters in Starfire and the Seven Tiny Titans.


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Starfire waits for Robin to come back.

Starfire - The younger daughter of the king and queen of Tamaran. Her mother died shortly after she was born, and her father died six years later. She was then raised by her elder sister, Blackfire. To keep her from appearing more beautiful than her, Starfire was put in rags and made into a scullery maid, but she didn't mind as she believed that some day, her true love would come. She then wished to meet her love at a wishing well and met a boy her own age named Robin who helped save an Earth ambassador on Tamaran. Starfire and Robin then fell in love with each other. She was later taken to Earth by a Thanagarian friend, Katar Hol, also known as Hawkman. There she was nearly killed by him on orders from Blackfire, but he couldn't do it due to his caring for her. Starfire then hid in the woods and was frightened until she recomposed herself and made friends with the animals there. The animals then took Starfire to a small cottage where she entered and saw that children lived there from all the toys on the ground. Also, after seeing how dirty and unkempt the house was, she concluded that the children who lived their, seven in all based on how many chairs there were, were orphans, so she figured that they would need someone to take care of them and cleaned the place up with her new animal friends. She then relaxed and waited for them to return as she read a book she found called The Magician's Nephew by a C dot S dot Lewis. As night fell, Starfire went back inside and went upstairs to see what was up there and found seven beds that had the children's names on them. She then went to bed on the three beds that belongs to Superboy, Wonder Girl, or Beast Boy. She later woke up to find the children then and introduced herself to them and begged to be let stay, promising to take care of the house for them and cook. This convinced them to let her stay. She later checked on a pot of soup she'd prepared, and when she figured that it wasn't quite ready, she had the children go and wash since she figured that as the oldest, she was responsible for making sure they did the right thing. She then called them a few moments later when supper was ready, which was after they washed. After dinner, Starfire watched them perform and danced with the children, especially Beast Boy standing on top of Superboy. After a mighty sneeze from Superboy, Starfire consented to telling a story and told them about how she met Robin and how she hoped that one day they'd meet again and live happily ever after. She was then invited to sleep in the children's room and accepted after they assured her again and again that they'd be comfortable. She then prayed for her sister to overcome her anger and for Batboy to like her. She then went to sleep. A few days later, she was taught how to play the organ by Batboy, and when the children left to get some more diamonds for the next few days, Starfire assured them that she'd be okay and was exceptionally happy that Batboy seemed to really care about her. She then got to work on pies for the children when she met a very old woman and was offered an apple by her. Starfire then let the woman in when she was attacked by the animals. The woman then told her that the apple was a magic apple that will grant Starfire a wish if she takes a bite out of it. She then wishes for Robin to find her and to live with him and live happily ever after. Once she bites the apple, she becomes woozy and falls under the woman, Blackfire's, spell, the sleeping death. Some time later, kept in a glass coffin by the children, Robin arrived and kissed her, and Starfire awoke. She then agreed to go to Jump City with him and protect people as well as be with Robin and brought the children with them. She then met Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven's real selves and lived happily ever after.

Young Justice (Justice League Unlimited)

The main leaders of the gang.

Green Lantern/John - Green Lantern is the unofficial leader of the seven children versions of the heroes of Earth. His main job is to make sure diamonds the gang uncovers are good or bad. One night, they returned to the cottage they lived in to find that the light was lit and the door was open. He then led the guys inside and discovered that the floor had been swept and that the table had been set. John then tried to hold Superboy's nose for him, but he failed and ended up on the floor. He then drafted Beast Boy into going upstairs and seeing what was going on. After Beast Boy said that it was a monster sleeping up there, John led an attack. When he discovered Starfire, he welcomed her to their home and was even more eager to let her stay after he found out she could cook. John was then told to wash by Starfire before he or the others could eat dinner, and John convinced the others to do it and washed their hands, face, and hair before forcing Batboy to do it. John then ran in when Starfire called out that supper was ready. After a little fun and songs, John listened to Starfire tell about how she met Robin. John then offered her their beds when it was time to sleep, and when he convinced her, he slept in the sink while a drop of water fell in, but that didn't seem to bother him. When John left to get diamonds, he told Starfire to be warry of strangers as she was sly and full of witchcraft. He was then kissed on the head by Starfire and asked for John to remember to wash his hands when he comes back. Just after they arrived at the mine, John was attacked by the animals, and a doe was shoving him away from the mine. When John found out that Blackfire might have Starfire, John called out that they have to save her. John then flew off to the house. At the house, John saw Blackfire come out and was told by Superboy that Starfire was dead. He then chased after her. After climbing up a cliff Blackfire was on and hiding from several star bolts from Blackfire, he was then sent with Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Raven to get behind Blackfire, and John proposed using a lawnmower to chew her up, but he was shot down by Batboy. After Blackfire is bound up, they take her to Batboy's friend, Etrigan. Then everyone sadly walked off as they now had time to think about Starfire's death. After putting Starfire on the table, John took his mask off in respect of her. John then tried to comfort Beast Boy as he cried. When Starfire woke up, John ended up going with them per Robin and Starfire's request and joinned the Titans.


Batboy calls for everyone to duck and cover.

Batboy/Bruce - The child version of Batman. He helps dig out diamonds, and he's the group pessimist about situations. When they saw that someone or something was in their house, he believed something was up and had the others enter cautiously. He was then aware that someone had definitely been in the house after a chair had been dusted and stopped Wonder Girl and Beast Boy from drinking an unknown substance from a pot. He later assisted in stopping Superboy from sneezing again by tying his cape around his nose until he was over it. When Batboy discovered Starfire, he was reluctant to let her stay even after learning Starfire's story as he believed that Blackfire could easily figure out she was there and come down and raze the planet just because she was on it. He was eventually outvoted by the others. Batboy refused to wash up and just went outside to get away from Starfire, and he saw everyone getting washed up and said that he'd like to see anybody make him wash if he didn't want to, and everyone took that as a challenge and forcibly washed his hands, face, and hair. After this, Batboy shouted that they'd pay for what they did when Starfire called out that supper was ready, and Batboy consented to go off and eat. After dinner, Batboy played the organ while everyone else danced and sang with Starfire. When Superboy was about to sneeze, Batboy screamed to hide behind the organ, which they did. As Starfire told about how she met Robin, Batboy stayed in the back until he was pulled over to the others by Wonder Girl. When Starfire slept in their rooms, Batboy tried to sleep in a pot until Raven was whimpering due to not having her stuffed rabbit with her, so Batboy tickled Beast Boy's nose, so that he'd sneeze and turn into a rabbit, and he then handed Beast Boy to Raven, and she slept contentedly as Batboy was finally able to as well. Over the next few days, Batboy taught Starfire how to play the organ, and when Beast Boy made fun of Batboy's first name being Bruce, Batboy threatened to say that Beast Boy's name was Garfield. When he left with the others to mine some more, Batboy warned Starfire not to let anything in the house unless she absolutely knew them, and Starfire gave him a kiss on his forehead. When he left, he thought about how it reminded him of what his mother used to do. When he was attacked by several birds upon arriving at the mine, he tried to swat them away. Batboy was the first to realize that they were doing this for some reason, and when they realized that Blackfire might have Starfire, Batboy called out that they had to save her since Blackfire would kill her. Batboy then rode off on a stag. Batboy then arrived at the house as Blackfire walked out, and he was told by Superboy that he could see that Starfire was dead. He then led the gang to a cliff and called for them to hide when Blackfire started attacking. Batboy then devised a plan to attack Blackfire from both ends. When Blackfire was about to attack Superboy after a feign moment of crying, Batboy bound her up. He then suggested taking her to Etrigan. After taking her to Etrigan's house, Batboy told him about what Blackfire did, and he sends her to limbo. Batboy then allows what happened to sink in, and they walk back to the house to mourn Starfire. After setting Starfire on a dressed up table to keep her comfortable and taking off his mask in respect, Batboy was the first to break down over failing. He then comforted Wonder Girl as she comforted him. When Starfire awoke and asked what would happen to the children without her, Batboy assurd her that they'd be fine, but Starfire compromised and asked them to come with her and Robin, which Robin asked as well. Batboy then joined them in Jump City for more adventures.

Wonder Girl (Justice League Unlimited)2

Wonder Girl with Batboy.

Wonder Girl/Diana - The child version of Wonder Woman. She helps dig, and she's the group optimist about situations. When she saw that someone or something was in their house, she believed that it could be LeFey. After entering, she noticed that the windows had been washed and found the dishes cleaned and in the cupboard. She was also about to taste an unknown liquid from a pot before Batboy stopped her. She also exclaimed "sweet Hera" after Superboy sneezed and asked that they pardoned her french. Wonder Girl then introduced herself to Starfire when they found her and agreed that she could stay. Wonder Girl when to wash up as she figured that Starfire had their best interests at heart and washed up with the others. After forcing Batboy to wash, Wonder Girl remarked that Bruce looked cute before running inside when supper was ready. During a song and dance the children were doing for Starfire, Wonder Girl sung about how she'd washed her feet that day and couldn't do a thing with them. After that, Wonder Girl asked for a love story from Starfire, and as Starfire told about how she'd met Robin, Wonder Girl pulled Batboy to the others to listen. After letting Starfire use their beds, Wonder Girl slept on top of a drawer. A few days later, Wonder Girl began to make googily eyes at Bruce, inspired by Starfire's story, and referred to him as such. When she left to get more diamonds, she helped Raven along. When they got to the mine, several animals attacked, and Wonder Girl was caught by a stag's antlers and kept yelling for it to go away. After learning that Blackfire may have Starfire, Wonder Girl asked what they should do, and she flew off to the cabin to save her. When Wonder Girl arrived at the house, she saw Blackfire leave and learned from Superboy that Starfire was lifeless on the floor. She then chased after Blackfire until she started attacking. After hiding in the cave, Wonder Girl scolded Raven for calling John's idea stupid and went with Clark, John, and Raven to attack Blackfire from behind, and once Batboy bound her up, Wonder Girl pushed her crown over her eyes to stop her from firing any eye beams. After she's sent to limbo by Etrigan, Wonder Girl goes back to the house to mourn Starfire. After setting Starfire on the table and taking off her tiara in respect, she cried until Batboy comforted her, and she comforted him in return. When Starfire was awoken by Robin, she readily agreed to go with them to Jump City when they asked.

Superboy/Clark - The child version of Superman. He uses his heat vision to help dig out the diamonds. He has less control of his super-breath than his adult self as a single sneeze can randomly toss people into a wall. Superboy later confirmed that someone was still in the house thanks to his x-ray vision but was unable to tell what it was. Upon entering the house, he found no dishes in the sink like usual and believed that someone had stolen the dishes until Wonder Girl pointed out that they were in the cupboard. Superboy's current hay fever was later aggravated by Cyborg, and he let out a mighty sneeze that blew everyone back. When he was about to do it again, they tied his cape around his nose until his sneezing fit had passed. Superboy later welcomed Starfire when she was discovered and agreed that she could stay. Superboy washed up with the others and after forcing Batboy to wash, he joked that Batboy smelled like a petunia and ran in when Starfire announced that supper was ready. During a song and dance with Starfire, Superboy allowed Beast Boy to stand on top of him while they both danced with Starfire but ended up sneezing Beast Boy into the ceiling. He then listened to Starfire tell them about Robin. After letting Starfire sleep in their rooms, Superboy slept on Beast Boy, who had turned himself into a dog, and woke Superboy up with his whimpering, so Superboy just poked him gently, and they both slept comfortably. After a few days, Superboy got over his hay fever and regained control of his super breath. When he left to get more diamonds out of the mine, he warned Starfire to watch out. When he arrived at the mine, they were attacked by animals, and Superboy blew some birds and squirells away with a super breath, but they came back soon afterwards. After learning that Blackfire may have Starfire, Superboy realized that she would kill her. Superboy then flew off to save Starfire. When Superboy arrived at the house, he saw Blackfire leave and used his x-ray vision to see Starfire on the ground without moving and assumed she was dead. He then followed her, and when Blackfire tried to throw a boulder at them, Superboy smashed it to pieces. He then hid from Blackfire's star bolts. After that, he went with John, Wonder Girl, and Raven to attack Blackfire from behind. After getting into position, Superboy tapped Blackfire on the shoulder and punched her in the face. She then cried, and Superboy was about to apologize when she was about to attack before she was bound up by Batboy. After taking her to Etrigan, where she was sent to a limbo, Superboy was the one who said they should go to the house and pay their respects to Starfire, which they did. After setting up the table for Starfire to rest on, Superboy mourned her, and he tried to comfort Raven while he did it. When Starfire was awoken by Robin, he readily agreed to go with them to Jump City.

Cyborg - The child version of Cyborg. He helps dig out diamonds. When they found the house lights on, Cyborg saw that smoke was coming from the chimney. He also noticed that the cobwebs were missing after they entered and showed some newly placed golden rods to Superboy which started a sneezing fit. He later welcomed Starfire into the house and agreed that she could stay. Cyborg later washed up with the others and ran in when supper was ready. During a song and dance, Cyborg told about getting the worst of a cat when it got the best of him. He later asked for a true story from Starfire, and he heard about how Starfire met Robin. After letting Starfire use their beds, Cyborg slept in an open drawer. When they left a few days later to get more gems, Cyborg warned Starfire to be careful since he didn't know what he would do if anything happened to her. When Cyborg was attacked by animals, he realized that Blackfire may have Starefire, and he rode back to the house on a doe. When Cyborg arrived, he saw Blackfire leave the house, and Superboy said that Starfire was dead. He then followed after her, but when she began firing star bolts, Cyborg hid with the others. He then joined Batboy and Beast Boy in fighting Blackfire on the ground. After Blackfire was bound up, she was taken to Etrigan and sent to limbo. Cyborg then went to the house to pay his respects to Starfire. After setting Starfire onto the table, he mouns her. When Starfire is awakened by Robin, he agrees to go with them and meets his real self, who accepts him as a little brother.

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Raven riding on the cart.

Raven - The child version of Raven. She takes the dug out diamonds to Green Lantern. She's also bored with the job as she reads while she drives the cart to Green Lantern with her powers. She's also constantly annoyed by a fly. Upon entering the house, knowing someone or something was in it, Raven continually questioned who would enter a house just to clean it. When she discovered Starfire, she was sarcastic at first when she was talking to her, but Raven quickly warmed up to Starfire after learning she could cook and agreed that she could stay. Raven then washed up with the others and made the fly land on soap and end up looking like Santa Claus. Raven then ran inside when Starfire called out that supper was ready. During the song and dance, Raven was bugged by the fly again and tried to swat it away when Beast Boy put a cymbal in her hand to help, and she just ended up with a hear ache and gave Beast Boy a bad wedgie. She then asked for a story from Starfire and listened to when Starfire met Robin. After letting Starfire sleep in their rooms, Raven fretted in her sleep as she had forgotten to bring down her stuffed rabbit, Bunny. She was then unknowingly given Beast Boy by Batboy after tricking him into becoming a rabbit. Raven then slept soundly. After a few days, Raven became more open to Starfire. When she left to help get more diamonds, Raven reminded Starfire that she'd promised to discuss The Magician's Nephew with her. When they arrived and were pushing a cart full of digging supplies, Raven was accidentally pushed into the cart by Beast Boy. When the animals attacked, Raven was the first to realize that Blackfire may have Starfire. She then flew off to save her. When Raven arrived, she saw Blackfire leave and heard from Superboy that Starfire was dead. She then chased after Blackfire and hid from her star bolts. Once Batboy made his plan, Raven called John's plan stupid until Wonder Girl scolded her. She then joined Wonder Girl, John, and Superboy in attacking her from behind. This led to Blackfire's capture and her sentencing to limbo by Etrigan. Raven then left to pay her respects to Starfire. After setting Starfire on the table, Raven cries her eyes out as Superboy tries to comfort her. When Robin awakens Starfire, she agrees to go with them to Jump City and meets her real self, who readily accepts her as a little sister.

Beast Boy (Young Justice)

Beast Boy looks for the others.

Beast Boy/Garfield - The child version of Beast Boy, and the youngest of the group. His main job is to sweep up the rejected diamonds and toss them away. He's also the least intelligent of the group and the most inquisitive. Beast Boy was later reprimanded by the gang when he slammed a door after they entered. He was also chosen to go up and see what was in their rooms and was scared when he believed he saw a monster. He then told the others about it, and when they went up again, they discovered it was a girl named Starfire. Beast Boy was shy around her at first, but he quickly warmed up to her, especially after he learned she could cook and agreed that she could stay. Beast Boy willingly washed up for Starfire, and he ended up accidentally swallowing a bar of soap well helping force Batboy to wash. He then ran in when Starfire called out supper was ready. During a song and dance, Beast Boy used pots and pans as drumbs and tried to help Raven get rid of a fly but only ended up with a wedgie from Raven. He later danced with Starfire by standing on Superboy, but that ended when Superboy sneezed and blew him off. Beast Boy later listened to how Starfire met Robin. After giving Starfire their rooms, Beast Boy turned himself into a dog and slept on a bench. He only fretted once but was calmed down by Superboy. After that, Batboy tricked Beast Boy into turning into a rabbit and moved him to where Raven was sleeping to help her sleep soundly. A few days after the party, when Beast Boy left to help get some more diamonds, Beast Boy tried to get more and more kisses until Starfire told him to move along. When they arrived at the mine, Beast Boy accidentally shoved Raven into a cart full of digging supplies. He was then attacked by several birds her were dragging him off. When Beast Boy figured out that Raven might be in trouble, he turned into a cheetah and ran to save her, transforming into a bird whenever he had to travel over a large pit. When Beast Boy arrived, he saw Blackfire leave and was told by Superboy that Starfire was dead. They then chased after her until she started firing star bolts at them. Beast Boy was then grouped with Batboy and Cyborg to attack from the ground. After Blackfire was captured and put in limbo by Etrigan, Beast Boy went home to mourn for Starfire. Beast Boy then mourns Starfire after setting her on a table as John tries to comfort him. When Robin awakens Starfire, he readily agrees to go to Jump City with them and meets his older self, who readily accepts him as a little brother.


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Blackfire discovers that Starfire's the fairest of them all.

Queen Blackfire - The elder daughter of the king and queen of Tamaran. From the day she was born, Blackfire saw that her parents loved her more than herself. She then became the queen after her parents died. To make sure she remained the most beautiful, she made Starfire into a scullery maid and kept her in rags most of the time. She also used a magic mirror to assure that she was still the most beautiful in the universe. One day, when Starfire was sixteen, she heard that Starfire was now the most beautiful, so she intended to have her eliminated. Blackfire then had the Thanagarian ambassador, Katar Hol, take Starfire to Earth and demanded that he kill her, or else his wife and children would die as punishment due to having sworn to serve Blackfire. She then gave him a box to bring Starfire's heart back to her in. Blackfire went to Slade to confirm that she was the most beautiful again when she learned from Slade that Starfire was still alive, and the heart in the box was the heart of a pig. Blackfire then determined to go to the cottage herself and used a potion that would make her into an old hag for three days. She then prepared to make a special death for her little sister, get her to eat a poisoned apple which would make her sleep forever in the sleeping death. Blackfire then created the poisoned apple and, after teasing Red-X by asking him to take a bite, took it with her to a special ship and left for Earth. It took her two days, and she walked to the cottage with only five hours of the spell remaining. With only an hour left in the spell, Blackfire arrived at the house when only Starfire was there. She then offered her the poisoned apple until she was attacked by several birds. She then pretended to have a heart problem to get into the house. After that, Blackfire said that the apple was a magic apple that would grant a wish if Starfire took a bite. She then heard Starfire's wish to meet Robin again and live with him and live happily ever after. After she bit it and fell unconscious onto the floor, Blackfire laughed as the disguise wore off and she returned to normal. As she left, she saw the children follow her and flew up to the top of a cliff to make it easier to fight them. She the tossed a boulder at them, but it was smashed by Superboy. After that, Blackfire fired star bolts at them until they went into hiding. As Batboy, Cyborg, and Beast Boy came out, she was about to attack when Superboy punched her, she then pretended to be shocked and hurt to attack Superboy, but before she could she was bound up by Batboy. She was then taken to the demon Etrigan and sentenced to limbo for a few weeks to be set back on the right path. There, she ran into the spirit of her mother, who proceeded to spank her for all the black magic she dabbled in, trying to kill her sister, and all the other things she'd done as a queen. After that, Blackfire was told that her mother didn't favor Starfire, and part of Blackfire accepted that as she was forced into a crib that appeared from nowhere and told to go to sleep. She was then haunted by dreams of what life could have been like if she'd been nice to Starfire, and it would help keep her on the straight and narrow path once she was put back there.