Main characters in Superboy.


Little Superboy


Superboy/Conner Kent - So far the only child created by Cadmus' Stork Program. He was made per Lois' request following the death of Superman (Clark Kent). He was taken to Lois on the train to Jump City by Shayera. He also sneezed a woman who tickled him into a wall, showing he had already been given powers due to a technical mix-up. By the age of three, Superboy had mastered all his powers except flight, due to a fear of heights. He's also very close to his mother as he always takes a chance to play around with her or help her as the case may warrant. He also met Alex Luthor, an illegitimate child of Lex Luthor, and he was captured and held up by him to purposely make him cry and dropped to the ground before Lois punched him in the face. The next day, Lois was arrested for assault. Due to this, Conner was left with a group of ladies who thought he was a freak. Conner then missed his mother and asked for a bed time story from the ladies taking care of them, but they refused. He then ran to his room when Robin showed up and shouted at the ladies. Conner eventually came out to go with Robin after he said how he knew what it was like to lose a mother. Conner then asks if they can just walk to the Tower, which Robin agrees to. Conner then meets the other Titans and became especially close to Starfire and Raven. When he heard that the Titans intended to help free his mother, Conner ran around until Raven told her to stop. Conner then asked for a bedtime story, which Raven agreed to. He then went to sleep as Raven read Snow White to him. He dreamed of being a hero and spend time with his mother and his friends. A few days later, Conner began to view the Titans, especially Robin and Raven, as big brothers and sisters. When Robin explained that they were planning to bug Alex's office to hear him confess how he provoked Lois. Conner was incredibly excited by this. When Conner was looking at the Gorg Starfire was making for breakfast, he accidentally fell in. After being pulled out, he learned that his new hero name was Superboy. Superboy easily made the connection between that and Superman and was excited to tell Lois after they rescued her. On the top of the office building Alex was in, Superboy clutched Raven's leg due to his fear of heights. Just as Alex was getting to how he saw Lois coming out with Superboy, Superboy sneezed and blew everybody off when they were saved from falling by Starfire and Raven. Superboy then began to cry as Alex had heard the sneeze and rushed off. Superboy then clutched Raven for comfort. Superboy was later given a bath by Starfire as she tried to cheer him up. Superboy did eventually cheer up when Robin said they were going to visit Lois. At Jump City Prison, Superboy then began to cry since he messed up and stopped the Titans from saving her. Then Lois comforted Conner and asked him not to cry. He then left as he waved good-bye to Lois. Superboy then went to Raven's room and went to bed after asking Raven to let him sleep there. He then dreamed about how Lois and Superman ended up together before dreaming he was flying. After that, he disappeared. After that, he disappeared. Superboy ended up sleeping on the top of the Titans East's Tower. He was then picked up by Raven when the Titans arrived. Superboy then looked up and began crying after he looked down. He then cried to go to the ground as Raven gently did so. Superboy was then laughed at by the Titans East for Robin's idea that he flew up when Robin shouted them down. Superboy was then encouraged to fly when Robin gave him a cape like his dad had. Superboy then began to fly and was extremely excited about it. The next afternoon, Superboy flew down to place the bug to listen to Alex again when the wind blew his cape off, and he began to fall. With Robin and Raven's encouragement, Superboy gathered his confidence and flew up. He then flew into the building and brought Alex out to the roof and demanded to have Lois back. Superboy then made sure Alex promised to tell the police that he had provoked Lois' attack on him, and he then set him down before revealing he had Cyborg record what Alex said. Superboy then cheered about his mother coming home. When Lois arrived at the Tower to move in, Superboy flew down and kissed her all over excitedly. Superboy then went inside and told Lois about his latest adventures.

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Robin tries to assure Superboy that he's a friend.

Robin - Robin listened to the women who were taking care of Conner talk about how much of a freak he was, and when they gave Conner the cold shoulder, Robin had enough and barged in. He then frightened the women into letting Conner come to the Tower, but he accidentally ended up scaring him too. Robin then managed to convinced Conner to come with him and promised to walk to the Tower as Conner was afraid of heights. Once arriving and introducing Conner to the other Titans, Robin suggested that Conner get some sleep for tomorrow when they would attempt to free Lois. Robin later developed a big brother type of role to Superboy. He then explained that they planned on eavesdropping on Alex to hear him confess how he provoked Lois. During the bugging, Superboy sneezed and blew everyone off the building. Robin was then saved by Starfire. After Superboy's bath, Robin explained that he and Starfire were taking Superboy to visit his mother. At Jump City Prison, while Superboy was with his mother, Robin thought of his own mother and how she and his father fell to their deaths. This also strengthened Robin's resolve to get Lois out, so she and Superboy could be a family again. Robin and Starfire then left with Superboy. When they returned to the Tower, Robin suggested that Superboy go to bed as it was pretty late. He then asked Raven what was long and learned that Superboy had disappeared. He then used his communicator to learn that Superboy was traveling directly to Steel City. He then led the Titans to Steel City to look for him. They found Superboy on top of the Titans East Tower. Robin then noticed the Titans East laughing at Superboy and had them prepare to go back to Jump City. Robin then wondered how he got up there as the Tower was too steep to climb and too high for Superboy to jump up to. After a joke by Kid Flash, Robin realized that Superboy flew up. He then determined that all they had to do is eliminate Superboy's fear of heights, and he'd be able to fly. After the Titans East laugh at the idea of Superboy flying, Robin shouts at all of them and is about to leave when Kid Flash explains that they need to use psychology on Superboy and has him use a cape as a way to give Superboy the confidence to fly, which allows him to succeed. Robin then said that he bet their next investigation would go much smoother. The next afternoon, Robin went on a stake-out mission with the others. When Superboy began to fall after losing his cape, Robin encouraged Superboy that he didn't need the cape. When Superboy then brought Alex to them, Robin indirectly threatened Alex to tell what really happened through a three-year-old superhero holding him. Robin and the other Titans then welcomed Lois into the Tower.

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Cyborg meets Conner.

Cyborg - Cyborg met Conner when Robin took him to the Tower. Conner remarked on how Cyborg looked like a robot, which Cyborg took good naturedly. Cyborg later affirmed Superboy's superhero name being based on Superman's. He then used a bug he'd invented to explain that Luthor was about to talk about when he provoked Lois when Superboy sneezed and blew everyone off the building where he was saved by Beast Boy. Following that, Cyborg explained that Alex ran for it as he probably heard the sneeze. Cyborg then prepped the T-Car when Superboy disappeared that night. He then questioned how a little boy could make it to Steel City, in any case, they switched to using the T-Ship. Cyborg then arrived with everyone else at the top of the Titans East's tower where Superboy was sleeping. Cyborg then wondered how Superboy got up there. The next afternoon, Cyborg went on a stake-out mission with the others. When Superboy then brought Alex to them, Cyborg recorded Alex's confession on a device he was holding when Alex told the truth. Cyborg and the other Titans then welcomed Lois into the Tower.

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Beast Boy explains to Conner that his codename is Superboy.

Beast Boy - Beast Boy met Conner when Robin took him to the Tower. Conner asked why Beast Boy was green, and Beast Boy simply said it was a long story and turned into a dog to cheer Conner up. Beast Boy then explained that Conner's codename was Superboy. At the building where they hoped to overhear the truth, Superboy was about to sneeze, and Beast Boy tried to hold his finger to Superboy's nose. It didn't work, and the Titans were blown off of the building Beast Boy then flew back up with Cyborg. Beast Boy then tried to comfort Superboy by saying that they might get a second chance. When Superboy disappeared later that night, Beast Boy wondered where a three-year-old could go. He then noticed through the communicators that Superboy was already half-way to Steel City. Beast Boy found Superboy sleeping on top of Titans Tower with the others. Beast Boy then suggested that Superboy climbed up the building, which was shot down as the building was too steep. When the team realized that Beast Boy agreed excitedly. The next afternoon, Beast Boy went on a stake-out mission with the others. When Superboy began to fall after losing his cape and then managed to find the confidence to fly without it, Beast Boy remarked about how much trouble they'd have been in if he ended up smashing into the pavement. When Superboy then brought Alex to them, Beast Boy remarked on how direct Superboy was. Beast Boy and the other Titans then welcomed Lois into the Tower.

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Starfire welcomes Superboy to the team.

Starfire - Starfire met Conner when Robin took him to the Tower. Starfire then encouraged Conner to meet her and agreed with him that her eyes were green and added that she had red hair. After Conner took her hand, she introduced him to the other Titans. When Conner was sad about making a tornado, Starfire assured him that it was alright. Starfire then developed a slight big sister role with Superboy and was making him some of her home made Gorg for breakfast. She then gently told Superboy not to jump into the Gorg as it wasn't cooked yet. Later, while eavesdropping on Alex to get audio prove that he provoked Lois, Starfire asked what was wrong with Superboy when he suddenly sneezed and blew everybody off the building. Starfire then flew back up with Robin. She then tried to assure Superboy that it was an accident, but it didn't work. Starfire later gave Superboy a bath and continued to try and encourage him by saying that everyone has to sneeze. Starfire then went with Robin and Superboy to Jump City Prison, so Superboy could visit his mother. As Superboy and Lois talked, Starfire thought of her own mother, who used to hold Starfire the same way she knew Lois would hold Superboy if she could. They then returned home with Superboy. Starfire then tried to comfort Superboy at home by saying that they would get Lois out of prison. When Starfire learned that Superboy had disappeared later that night and was heading towards Steel City, Starfire insisted that they had to find him before he got hurt. Starfire then found Superboy sleeping on top of the Titans East's tower. Starfire then explained to Superboy that he was on top of a tall building, inadvertently making him cry. She then suggested that Superboy jumped up, but Robin doubted that. When they tried to encourage Superboy to fly with a cape she assured Superboy that he could fly. The next afternoon, Starfire went on a stake-out mission with the others. When Superboy began to fall after losing his cape, Starfire feared for his life until he found the confidence to fly without the cape. Starfire and the other Titans then welcomed Lois into the Tower.

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Raven reads Snow White to Conner.

Raven - Raven met Conner when Robin took him to the Tower. She then introduced herself to Conner. When he hugged her and said he liked her, Raven okay. When Conner began making a small tornado, Raven shouted for him to stop. She then agreed to read a bedtime story to Conner. Raven then read Snow White to Conner until he fell asleep, and when Raven was about to leave, Conner began to fret, and she rubbed his back, and he eventually ended up on her lap, so she sighed and went to sleep with him lying on top of her. Raven easily gained a big sister role with Superboy. When Starfire offered Raven a chance to taste her Gorg, she turned Starfire down. When Superboy was excited to tell Lois his new superhero name, Raven pointed out that they had to save Lois first. On the top of a building they planned to eavesdrop on Alex in, Superboy clutched at Raven's leg and explained that they were high up to keep Alex from seeing them. Raven was later blown off the building when Superboy sneezed but easily managed to fly back up. As Superboy felt bad for allowing Alex to figure out where they were, he hugged Raven's leg as Raven nervously tried to comfort him. Raven then questioned what Superboy was doing later that night as he slept in that room, but she let him stay there as she just slept in the bed too. She then awoke when she realized that Superboy was missing and told the Titans. Raven then went to the top of Titans Tower East, where Superboy was sleeping. She then picked him up. When Superboy realized he was on the top of a building, Raven calmed Superboy down and gently flew down to the ground. The next afternoon, Raven went on a stake-out mission with the others. When Superboy began to fall after losing his cape, Raven encouraged Superboy that he didn't need the cape and it worked. Raven then chastised Beast Boy for mentioning what might have happened if Superboy hadn't managed to fly. Raven and the other Titans then welcomed Lois into the Tower.