Minor characters in Superboy.


Superman and Lois (Justice League Unlimited)

Superman and Lois fly around the city.

Superman/Clark Kent- After three years of knowing Lois, Superman takes Lois for a flight, and they end up falling in love. He then lets Lois know that he's Clark Kent and they begin dating. When Darkseid arrives, Superman dies saving the Earth from him.

Hawkgirl Justice League Unlimited

Shayera looks for Lois.

Shayera Hol - After Cadmus' Stork broke down, Shayera volunteered to take the baby to Lois. She then muttered to herself at how she had to play stork substitute during her free time. When she arrived at the train Lois was in, she handed to baby to Lois, sang happy birthday to the newly named Conner, and flew off.