Main characters in The Legion of Story Keepers.


Clark Kent (The Batman)

Clark when he's not at a Story Meeting.

Clark Kent/Kal-El - A farmer who came to Earth with his family when he was ten. At some point, he gained a farm and became married to a girl named Lois. While checking the mail, he could hear two children talking about finding out who he was by reading his mind with his super hearing and told them that would be rude and introduced themselves to him. After learning they were separated from their parents, Clark took them into the farm and introduced them to Lois and his younger brother, Kell-El. Clark then told the three that they were Christians. Clark then told the children the story of when Jesus went to Jerusalem for the passover as a boy. A few weeks later, in New Smallville, Clark sold some produce, also using it as an excuse to tell his friends, Barry, J'onn, and Katar, where the meeting was that night. Clark then complimented on a young boy named Dick Grayson's juggling skills. He then agreed to see Dick juggle his water melons. That night, Clark let Dick into the mission when he showed up just before the story. Following that, Clark told of when Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of breads and two fish, saying that he guessed the boy who provided the bread and fish became a baker. Clark then hid with the other Christians when Brainiac's soldiers arrived. After one of Brainiac's soldiers, Imperiex, ordered a search, everyone rushed off. After a quick headcount, Clark was relieved when it turned out everyone was okay when they saw that Dick had been captured. Clark then helped Kell hold Imra back as they looked sadly at each other. When Clark learned that Dick lost his parents in the great fire, Clark determined that since he was taken from one of their meetings, Dick was their responsibility and determined to help him. As part of a reconnaissance mission, Clark drove everyone to the Metro-Dome with produce, bribing his way in by giving the guard a juicy melon. Once inside, Clark told Kell to make a map of the corridors while they looked for Dick. On the way to Dick's cell, they ran into the remains of a failed gladiator. They also ran into a guard, Oswald Cobblepot. Clark offered Oswald a water melon while he gave "stale" fruit and vegetables to the prisoners, having Garth and Ayla provide for him. They then arrived to see Dick with several other Christians, including Barry. Clark then gave the Christians enough produce for everyone while shouting that they would only get a few scraps. Clark then advised Dick to have courage as the Christians were to face a gladiator named Bane tomorrow, sighting that size has nothing to do with courage. Clark then listened to Lois' story of Zachius and smiled at her story telling abilities. After the food was gone, Clark assured them that they'd be back in the morning. At the farm, Clark used the dough to make a super hard biscuit in the shape of the key. That night, as they were putting Ayla to bed, Clark assures her that Jesus is stronger than Bane by telling the story of how Jesus brought a dead girl back to life. At the stadium the next day, Clark distracted Cobblepot with an entire barrel of leftovers. When Cobblepot discovered that the prisoners were gone, Clark pointed in the wrong direction to give Kell and the others a better chance to escape. However, they still ended up in the coliseum, though Clark was able to get everyone out through a sewer gate. Once everyone was out, Clark let the gate close just as Bane lunged towards it, knocking Bane out before he could notice Clark. At dinner that night, Clark invited Dick to stay with them until they found his parents. A week later, Clark comforted Lois when Kell was late coming home as he was sure he was fine. When Kell arrived, Clark assured him that he knew that the Story Teller for New Metropolis was caught and offered Kell a roll Lois made. Clark also explained that he can't go to New Metropolis as there was a meeting in New Smallville at the same night where he'd tell the story of John the Baptist, which he then told to the children also. Clark then revealed that he had a scroll for the New Metropolis story that he hid in a loaf of bread.

Lois Lane (The Batman)2

Lois invites the children into her home.

Lois Lane-Kent - Lois is the wife of farmer, Clark Kent. When Clark brought in three orphaned children, Lois agreed that they could stay as they were just children without parents and let them stay, introducing herself to them. Lois then confirmed to the youngest child, Ayla, that they were Christians and said Clark was going to tell a story that night. A few weeks later, Lois helped Clark sell some produce in New Smallville. By evening, Lois reminded Imra that it was time to go while she was playing with her new friend, Dick. That night, Lois listened to Clark's story and said it was excellent before Imperiex arrived with Brainiac's soldiers. Lois managed to escape with Clark and the children. After learning that Dick had been captured by Imperiex, Lois went with Imra to where Dick said his parents lived only to discover that the house was burned down and that the neighbors said Dick lost his parents in the fire. Lois then joined the gang in going to the Metro-Dome and went with Clark to the captured Christians. When Dick told how they would be thrown to a man named Bane, Lois reminded Dick of David and Goliath and told Dick the story of Zachius, explaining that it took a lot of courage for Zachius to be honest to Jesus about his cheating ways. After a key was made from dough Ayla had printed Cobblepot's key onto, Lois complimented her. Lois then comforted Ayla's fears of Bane stopping them by saying that while Bane is powerful, they had Jesus on their side. After this, Lois told Ayla to go to sleep. She later had dinner with everyone after they had escaped the games, and Lois had Garth and Ayla help her with the dishes so Imra could talk to Dick privately, and Clark could invite Dick to stay with them until they found their parents. A week after that, Lois was worried as Kell was late coming home, especially with all the guards around. She then made some rolls to calm herself that got passed around until Ayla finally ate one, stating that it tasted good. Lois then explained to Kell that Clark couldn't go to New Metropolis to tell a story there as there was a meeting in New Smallville. She also calmed Kell down when he moodily wondered how he could tell a story at that exact moment. Lois also wondered how they'd get the story Clark had planned with so many guards, though she believed there had to be a way.

Superman X

Kell ready to defend his friends.

Karl Kent/Kell-El - Clark's little brother. Kell prefers to be referred by the first half of his Kryptonian name. When three children arrived after escaping the Great Fire and the soldiers, Kell doubted it was a good idea to let them stay but conceded in the end. A few weeks later, Kell assisted Clark in selling produce and snapped at a boy that got in the way of their truck and took some oranges. When Imra invited the boy, Dick, to a story meeting, Kell asked if she was crazy as he believed Dick and his parents could be spies for Brainiac. At the story meeting, Kell's job was to make sure only Christians got in through the use of the fish symbol. Kell was reluctant to let Dick in when he showed up until he made the sign with bean bags and Imra let him in. When guards arrived just after the story, Kell blamed Dick and while everyone else hid, Kell pretended to be making straw, promising to eat the mud if Imperiex found any Christians there. Once Imperiex found Dick, Kell admitted that it would taste alright with a little salt. Kell then used his heat vision to cause the mud to splatter on Imperiex and Brainiac's guards to allow the others time to escape and escaped last. When Imra saw that Dick had been captured, Kell helped Clark hold Imra back. Later, after learning that Dick lost his parents in the fire, Kell was still against helping Dick as he believed he was probably spilling his guts to the guards at that moment but agreed to help them. Once inside, Clark had Kell make a map of the corridors. After an hour, Kell finished the map, paying attention to escape routes. When a guard asked what he was doing, Kell quickly lied and said he was with volunteers for arena improvement, citing to himself that getting Christians out of there would definitely be an improvement before heading out. After a key was made, Kell double checked the route out of the arena. When Ayla was about to go to sleep, Kell tried to ease her worries about Bane by asking what she had to deal with if she took away everything she was afraid of. At the prison, Kell got the Christians out and rushed towards the exit. Unfortunately, the way out was blocked. Kell ignored Dick's opinion and headed his own way, which lead right into the arena. Kell then tried to fight off Bane, but this became impossible when Bane used Venom to bulk up and knock Kell aside without any trouble. Kell managed to recover and after Garth shorted out Bane's Venom supply, Kell dived into the sewer gate with the kids, so they couldn't follow, helped out by Clark. Back at home, Kell made a new bunk for their new friend and family member, Dick Grayson. Kell later ran afoul of several guards and barely managed to avoid them through the use of a donkey and hiding in a troth. Once he got home, he informed Clark that the Story Teller for New Metropolis was captured, and Clark just offered him a roll. Kell complained about his blaze actions while offering the roll to Garth. He insisted Clark go to tell the story, which he couldn't because of a meeting there. Kell eventually learned that Clark already had a scroll for the New Metropolis meeting ready for Kell to deliver. Kell was excited until he remembered how filled the streets were with guards, until Imra stated that she knew a way.

Garth Ranzz (Legion of Superheroes)

Garth explains his life.

Garth Ranzz - The middle child of the Ranzz family. His father and older brother were taken away by Brainiac's soldiers following the Great Fire. When the soldiers came again, Garth left with his little sister Ayla and his new friend Imra while his mother was captured. He helped the two avoid the soldiers until they arrived at a farm. There, Garth met a man named Clark Kent who took them in once Garth explained that his and Ayla's parents were sold into slavery. After meeting Clark's wife Lois and his brother Kell, Garth asked if there was anything else they should know and learned that they were Christians. Garth was then told by Clark about the time Jesus went to Jerusalem as a boy. A few weeks later, Garth helped Clark sell some produce and yelled at a boy named Dick to watch the road when he nearly got ran over by a truck. That night, Garth listened with the others to the story of how Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. When Brainiac's soldiers, led by Imperiex, attacked, Garth escaped with the others. Garth then went with Clark and the others to comfort Dick and plan for his escape. When they were confronted by a guard named Oswald Cobblepot, Garth went with Ayla to keep him fed while Clark and the others went with the prisoners. After Clark made a key from the dough Ayla used, Garth took the credit, claiming he supervised Ayla. The next day, Garth was assigned with staying near the truck with Imra and Ayla, which he complained about until Imra suggested driving the truck to escape, which frightened Garth into staying. When he heard a shout outside, Garth looked and saw Kell and Dick fighting Bane while the other prisoners snuck away in the commotion. Garth then jumped down and helped out by shorting out Bane's Venom tubes, returning him to normal. He's taken out by Kell and Clark before Bane can pursue them out. At dinner, Garth joked that saving Dick was easy was easy for Imra to say. Garth then helped Lois with the dishes, so Imra and Dick could have some alone time. After Dick decided to stay, Garth revealed that they were roommates, and asked which bunk Dick wanted, which was the upper one. Garth later enjoyed Dick's demonstration of his acrobatic skills. He later passed a roll Ayla gave him to Dick. Garth later quieted Imra and Ayla when Clark began telling the story of John the Baptist. After that, he presented Kell with a scroll for the story in New Metropolis.

Ayla Ranzz (Legion of Superheroes)

Ayla watches her dad and Mekt get taken away.

Ayla Ranzz - The youngest child of the Ranzz family. Her father and oldest brother were taken away by Brainiac's soldiers following the Great Fire. When the soldiers came again, Ayla left with her older brother Garth and her new friend Imra while her mother was captured. With Garth and Imra's help they arrived at a farm where she met a man named Clark Kent. When Garth explained what happened to their parents, Ayla hugged her stuffed monkey. Clark and his wife Lois and brother Kell invited the three to stay there. When Ayla learned that they were Christians, Ayla asked if that meant they were like her mom and dad. Ayla then learned that Clark was a Christian leader and heard the story of when Jesus went to Jerusalem as a boy. A few weeks later, Ayla helped Clark sell some produce. That night, Ayla heard how Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish. Ayla asked what happened to the boy with the bread, but Clark said nobody really knew. When Brainiac's soldiers, led by Imperiex, attacked, Ayla escaped with the others. Ayla then went with Clark and the others to comfort Dick and plan for his escape. When they were confronted by a guard named Oswald Cobblepot, Ayla went with Garth to keep him fed while Clark and the others went with the prisoners. While Garth kept Cobblepot fed, Ayla used some dough to make an imprint of the key to the Christians' cell. Ayla's congratulated by Lois once a key is made from the dough, though Garth took the credit as a supervisor. Ayla is still worried about Bane, but Kell, Lois, and Clark comfort her, especially with a story about Jesus healing the daughter of a man named Jairus. Ayla then goes to sleep. The next day, Ayla stays at the truck. Once everyone was safe, Ayla ate until she was full and helped Lois with the dishes to give Imra and Dick time to talk. A week after Dick became part of the family, Ayla pointed out that it was like having an elder brother. Ayla later ate a roll Lois made, enjoying it immensely. She was also disgusted by the fact that John the Baptist ate insects to stay alive.

Legion of Superheroes (Legion of Superheroes)3

Imra with some of the children.

Imra Ardeen - Imra's parents were caught in their house during the Great Fire, and Imra hadn't seen them since. Eventually, Imra met the Ranzz family and became friends with Garth and his little sister, Ayla. After Mr. and Mrs. Ranzz were enslaved, Imra ran off with Garth and Ayla until they went to a farm. Imra tried to read his mind to figure out who he was until he turned around and said how it was rude to read someone's mind without their permission. After being introduced to the man, Clark, Imra told how she got separated from her parents, and Clark took her, Garth, and Ayla in and revealed he, his wife Lois, and his brother Kell, were Christians. Clark also told them of when Jesus went to Jerusalem as a boy. A few weeks later, Imra helped Clark sell produce and met a boy named Dick and asked how he juggled. By the end of the day, Dick had managed to teach Imra how to juggle, and she did good until she lost her timing. She talked about how nice Clark and Lois were and were also impressed when Dick said his parents were a world-traveling circus act. When it was time to go, Imra asked if Dick would like to come to a story meeting and bring his parents, believing him a friend and disagreeing with Kell's distrust in Dick. At the story meeting, Imra let Dick in once he made the sign by juggling bean bags. She also asked where his parents were, which was apparently performing for the governor of Thanagar. Imra then heard of how Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish. After Brainiac's soldiers attacked with Imperiex leading them, Imra escaped with the others, but when she saw that Dick had been captured, she rushed to help him before she was stopped by the others and cried into Clark and Kell's arms. The next morning, Imra went up the hill with Lois to tell Dick's parents about what happened when they discovered that the house was in ruins. After relaying the story to the others, Imra insisted that they had to help him, which Clark agreed with. Imra then went with Clark and the others to comfort Dick and plan for his escape. Imra arrived at Dick's cell with the others to find that he wasn't alone. Imra asked if Dick was okay and learned that they were going to be thrown to the gladiator Bane in the morning. Imra then listened to Lois' story of Zachius, told to Dick to inspire courage. Imra then said good-bye to Dick and explained they'd be back tomorrow. That day, Imra was told to stay near the truck and convinced Garth to stay with them for a bit as if he left, Imra would get to drive the truck, and she still had trouble with her bicycle. After everyone's saved, Imra confronts Dick about how he lied, and she explains that she, Garth, and Ayla are orphans like him. This is followed by Clark inviting Dick into the family, and Dick accepting. A week after Dick arrived, Imra expressed how great it was that he was here. Imra later noted the oddity of eating honey flavored insects. When Kell and Lois wondered how to get to New Metropolis, Imra pointed out that the kids knew a way.

Dick Grayson (The Batman)

Dick gets captured.

Dick Grayson - A juggler and acrobat whose family owned a circus before Dick lost his parents in the Great Fire. He ran into the gang on the streets, asking who taught them how to drive and taking their oranges and juggling them for fun. Clark then let him juggle the watermelons, telling Imra that it was all in the wrists and timing. Dick also spent the rest of the day teaching Imra how to juggle. Afterwords, Dick said how Clark and Lois were really nice and said how his family traveled the whole world. Dick accepted Imra's invitation to go to the story meeting and used bean bags to make the sign. Dick was let in by Imra and said that his parents were performing for the governor of Thanagar. Dick then heard how Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish. When Brainiac's soldiers, led by Imperiex, attacked, Dick hid in a rolled up carpet and yelped when Imperiex stepped on it. Dick ended up captured while the others escaped. In his cell, Dick watched a figure called Bane kick through a sand bag, causing all the sand to leak out. When Clark, Lois, and Imra arrived, Dick was surprised. Dick confirmed he was okay but explained about being thrown to Bane tomorrow. Dick also scoffed at the idea of courage considering how big Bane was. Lois then reminded Dick of David and Goliath and mentioned a man named Zachius, who Dick asked about. After learning how Zachius showed courage by admitting to Jesus he was a cheat, Dick understood. He then said good-bye to Imra as they headed out, but Dick admitted to himself that he wasn't brave since he hadn't told them about losing his parents in the fire. At the cell that night, Dick listened to singing and hoped Clark would be able to help. The next day, Dick and the others were broken out by Kell, and they rushed off. When their way out was blocked, Dick suggested going one way, but Kell refused and went another way, which led right to the arena. After Bane bulked up and knocked out Kell, Dick distracted Bane with some juggling, that resulted in Bane getting hit by everything Dick had nearby. Once Garth took out Bane, Dick escaped with the two through a sewer gate Clark was keeping open. That night, Dick had dinner with everybody, but he decided to head out before someone offered him a ride home when Imra confronted him about being an orphan. Imra then explained that she, Garth, and Ayla were orphans too and were taken in by Clark, who also invited Dick to stay until they found his parents. Dick accepted and became part of the family, becoming roommates with Garth. A week later, Dick showed off his acrobatics until Kell arrived. He then passed a roll Kell had given him to Garth.


Brainiac (Legion of Superheroes)

Brainiac inquires about the Christians.

Brainiac - The ruler of a galactic empire. Brainiac has little patience for Christians and set the city of New Metropolis on fire for proclaiming a king higher than him. He is also so logical he isn't even sure how Jesus could exist. Brainiac then explained to his servant Ron Karr how Bane would warm up on the lions, dogs, and gladiators before sending out the Christians, prompting Brainiac to ask one of his leading soldiers, Imperiex, where they were. After Imperiex confirmed that many were captured, Brainiac smirked. Brainiac enjoyed Bane's warmups on the day of the competition, but soon enough, he demanded that the Christians be brought out, and he enjoyed the show until the Christians escaped through a mysteriously open sewer gate, which made Brainiac angry and order someone to kill someone


Imperiex leads Brainiac's forces.

Imperiex - A leader of Brainiac's soldiers. He led a raid on Snyder's Mill and asked Kell where the Christians were. Upon hearing a yelp when he stepped on a carpet, he revealed Dick and ordered a search while everyone made a run for it. The next day, Imperiex confirmed to Brainiac that scores of Christians were captured for the games tomorrow.